Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and people of Newtown, Connecticut.
As we continue to grieve the terrible tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary, we pray earnestly for all the families involved. We are in disbelief that another human being would have such anger and bitterness in his heart that he would attack innocent people in such a devastating way. As we mourn each one that lost their lives, it is still difficult for any of us to grasp the totality of this despicable act. When we consider the terrifying last moments of the children and staff members of the school, we are absolutely heartbroken for them, their families, their schoolmates, and the staff at Sandy Hook Elementary. We pray that God’s Grace will care for them in this most difficult time.


  • April 3, 2018
    A.C.T. NOW
    Awaken Confront Transform!
    Then and Now: An Ecumenical Gathering to End Racism immediately following the Orthodox Christian Bridegroom Service of Holy Tuesday. Service begins at 6:00 pm, Program begins approximately 8:00 pm. All are welcome to both.

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For Black History Month 2018, I am compelled to: