President Obama…Victorious! First African-American US President, Re-elected for 4 more years.
Democrat Barack Obama, 51 years old, a previous first-term senator born to a father from Kenya and mother from Kansas, defeated Mitt Romney November 6, 2012 for the most powerful job in the world. The first African American ever to win the presidency from a major party in the United States won a stunning, decisive victory making history yet again as the 44th President of the United States of America.

President Obama defeated Romney in a series of key swing states despite a weak economic recovery and persistently high unemployment as U.S. voters decided to stick with the first black president rather than go with the wealthy Republican.

President Obama’s victory in the hotly contested swing state of Ohio – as projected by TV networks – put him over the top in the fight for the 270 electoral votes needed to clinch the White House and ended challenger Mitt Romney’s hopes of pulling off a string of swing-state upsets.

President Obama scored narrow wins in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire – all states that challenger Mitt Romney had contested – while the only swing state captured by Mitt Romney was North Carolina, according to network projections.

There was no immediate word from the Mitt Romney team on the reported results, with some Republicans questioning whether President Obama had in fact won Ohio despite the decisions by election experts at all the major TV networks to declare it for the president.

NBC, ABC and CBS projected President Obama as the winner in another swing state, Colorado, making the Ohio result less decisive.

While President Obama supporters in Chicago were ecstatic, challenger Mitt Romney’s Boston event was grim as the news was announced on television screens there.

At least 120 million American voters had been expected to cast votes in the race between the Democratic incumbent and Mitt Romney after a campaign focused on how to repair the ailing U.S. economy.

President Obama’s projected victory will set the country’s course for the next four years on spending, taxes, healthcare, the role of government and foreign policy challenges.

Inside President Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters, staffers and onlookers erupted into cheers and high fives as state after state was called for the president.

Challenger Mitt Romney made last-minute visits to Ohio and Pennsylvania on Tuesday to try to drive up turnout in those states, while Vice President Joe Biden was dispatched to Ohio. President Obama remained in his hometown of Chicago.

Republicans are likely to face questions about their ability to appeal to non-white voters as Hispanics, a growing minority, and African Americans voted heavily for the president.

President Obama’s Democrats held their Senate majority, while Challenger Mitt Romney’s Republicans retained House of Representatives control.

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