AME Zion’s Bureau of Evangelism Decision Day Observance 2012

AME Zion’s Bureau of Evangelism


Theme: “Growing In Maturity as God’s Blessed People”

October 28, 2012


The Book of Discipline of our Church directs that every Sunday Church School shall emphasize “Decision Day” annually in the month of October. It further directs that each Sunday Church School should undertake an evangelistic quota for active membership. In the recent past the Decision Day Observance has also been an opportunity for the local churches to share financial gifts in support of the Bureau of Evangelism. While financial gifts will be welcomed during this observance, the Bureau is placing its greatest emphasis upon decisions for Christ.

The theme for Decision Day 2012 is ‘Growing in Maturity as God’s Blessed People.” In Matthew Chapter 5, this wonderful passage referred to as Christ's Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches his followers some valuable lessons. On a quiet mountainside, those who Jesus considered His most blessed people received needed exhortations and warnings. Christ came to confirm and clarify God’s Law. In this sermon, He cites the third, sixth and seventh commandment. Then gives a new law concerning retaliation and finally concludes with a new explanation of the law of love.

To be poor in spirit is to have a humble opinion of ourselves; to be sensible that we are sinners, and have no righteousness of our own; to be willing to be saved only by the rich grace and mercy of God; to be willing to be where God places us, to bear what he lays on us, to go where he bids us, and to die when he commands; to be willing to be in his hands, and to feel that we deserve no favor from him.

Christians, by their lives and instructions, are to keep the world from entire moral corruption. By bringing down, by their prayers, the blessing of God, and by their influence and example, they save the world from universal vice and crime. Mature Christians cannot be hid, they shine like the sun! After establishing who we are as His blessed people, the character we should possess, the attitude we should have and the examples we should be, Jesus now gives the law a new form to adapt it to his kingdom. It takes a new, a deeper, a more spiritual shape and meaning. This new modification was designed to affect every area of the believer’s life, conduct, and relationships. Finally, this new understanding of the law would clarify for the believer what it really means to “love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength and to “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

The Annual Decision Day Observance is generally held the fourth Sunday in October, but may be observed any time during the month or even in the month of November. During the time of year when people celebrate the harvest of crops and produce, the A. M. E. Zion Church pauses to celebrate the harvest of souls that God has produced during the previous twelve months. It is also a time to sponsor special evangelistic events or activities that will call attention to the importance of making appropriate decisions for Christ. This year we are again emphasizing several categories which include conversions, new members, re-dedications, call to Christian service and Call to preach the gospel.

Decision Day is rooted and grounded in the quest to see our members, children, youth and adults move beyond religion and ritual to authentic relationship with God through Jesus Christ. While still targeting our youth and children, the Decision Day Observance must broaden its scope in order to reach people of all ages who are in need of making a life-changing decision for Christ.

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