WHOMS Overseas Mission Sunday 2012
Women’s Home & Overseas Missionary Society
Department of Global Missions
Overseas Missions Sunday
September 23, 2012

“Sharing Brings Joy, To Us, To Others, To God”

In what is accepted as the oldest Gospel, St Mark, Jesus makes much of what a little boy had to share, five loaves of bread and two fish, (6:30-44). Jesus fed over five thousand as they ate to the full.

A cleaver teacher from this scripture in Mark 6:30-44, is that the Lord receives from our hands that which we give to bring joy to others. A second teaching is that we must be willing to bring that which we possess; or, make preparation to give so that others will grow spiritually; that hunger is reduced; that peace is shared; that maladies are healed; and that love becomes a hallmark. Another lesson from that text is, whatever we give. God’s majestic hand touches it, improves it and increases it.

As we celebrate the 2012 Overseas Mission Sunday - Zion’s One Great Hour of Sharing, missionaries are called upon to respond prayerfully and purposefully. Reflect upon the joy that will come in disaster relief areas, the blessings of safe drinking water, the joy when children and youth can go to school, when you share.

Since 1880, the Women’s Home & Overseas Missionary Society, from hamlet to hamlet, from town to town and from city to city, have given of themselves and their resources to spread the Gospel of Christ and to bring happiness to children, women and men. Kindly let us continue this legacy of support.

Share today. Your “Sharing brings joy to us, to others, to God.”

Visit www.whoms.org and click on the events link for additional information.

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