African American Vote Lagging in Comparison to Prior Election
With less than a week to go before Election Day, close to 27 million Americans have already cast their ballots via early voting. In 2012, this early vote total would be nearly 20 percent of the final turnout. That would be a very big deal if African Americans were participating in early voting as they did in 2012, especially in swing states like Florida and North Carolina.

So far in North Carolina fewer black voters are casting their ballots early this year, The Huffington Post reported. Blacks up to this point have accounted for just 22 percent of early voters as of Monday, compared to 27.3 percent of early voters in 2012. Although there’s still a week left for that percentage to increase, the decline is very concerning for Democrats.

Black voters were likely more enthusiastic about casting a ballot for President Barack Obama four years ago than for Clinton today, but that may not be the entire explanation, according to Huffington. In North Carolina, Republican lawmakers and officials have engaged in a concerted effort to reduce turnout among African-Americans.

Although there may be some external and internal political reasons for this lag in voting, it is still very puzzling that a sacred right so important to the Black community is not being exercised to its fullest. So puzzling that the Democratic candidate has spent a ton of time in North Carolina as has a number of her surrogates including President Obama, Vice President Biden, former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Although there is still time to move the numbers for African Americans, there must be a full blown push if this historic election is to be successful.

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