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When we fail to provide a healthy start for our children today, we put the entire country at risk tomorrow.

"There were some times where, you know, we wouldn’t have that much food,
and I would tell my mom, ‘I’m not hungry, don’t worry about it,’
and I lost a lot of weight. I remember I used to be a size five, and I went
from a size five to a size zero. So, you know, I try not to eat too much.
I try to eat in school. They give me free lunch in school."
– Jane, age 17

Summer is an especially scary time for hungry children when free or reduced-price school breakfast and lunch programs end. The most recent statistics show more than 21 million children received free or reduced priced lunch and nearly 11 million children received free or reduced-priced breakfast through school-based federal nutrition programs. Yet only 1 in 9 children who receive free or reduced-priced lunch during the school year were enrolled in the Summer Food Service Program although it is 100 percent federally funded! Many states have created needless bureaucratic hurdles to creating summer feeding sites for needy children. Help us fight to feed these forgotten children.

I find it reprehensible that children like Jane continue to suffer because their basic needs are not met. Putting food on children’s plates helps build healthy minds and bodies today and helps prepare them for brighter, more productive futures.

One study found children who were food insecure in kindergarten saw a 13 percent drop in their reading and math test scores by third grade compared to their food-secure peers, while another study found children in families who had access to food stamps were 18 percent more likely to graduate from high school than children in similar families without access. The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) is determined to ensure every child has three full and nutritious meals each day. Stand with us by supporting our work today.

On April 30, 2014, I testified before the House Budget Committee hearing “A Progress Report on the War on Poverty: Lessons from the Frontlines.” I directed our political leaders’ attention to the children who go hungry every day. Without the federal safety net of the past 50 years, child poverty would have been higher by nearly 60 percent, and extreme child poverty by 240 percent. But progress only continues if we choose to keep moving forward.

More than ever we must continue fighting for every child’s food security! This summer CDF Freedom Schools programs will serve breakfast, lunch and snacks five days a weekto more than 12,500 children in 87 cities and 28 states including the District of Columbia.

Continued progress hinges on our conscious, collective choice to keep working together to eradicate child hunger.

Please consider making as generous a contribution as possible today to support our work to end intolerable child hunger and poverty. Help us speak out louder than ever for those who cannot speak for themselves.
-Children's Defense Fund

P.S. Food insecurity is preventable. Be the difference. Partner with CDF because no child should go hungry.

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