History of the Young Adult Missionary Society (YAMS)
The vision of the Young Adult Missionary Society began in August 1975 when Dr. Willa Mae Rice, then General President of the WH&OM Society, brought a resolution to the 18th Quadrennial Convention held in Los Angeles, CA to establish a department for women ages 27-40. The resolution was not adopted, but in 1979 at the 19th Quadrennial Convention held in Miami, FL, the delegates voted to bring the YAMS in under the umbrella of the Parent Body.

However, in 1983 at the 20th Quadrennial Convention in New Orleans, LA, the YAM Society was adopted as the sixth department of the Woman’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society. Dr. Adlise I. Porter, the 2nd Vice President, was appointed Coordinator of the department by the convention. Through her spiritual gifts, Dr. Porter developed the structure of the department, which included writing operational Guidelines for the department’s Thematic Bible studies, Social Concerns Projects, motto, colors, and theme song.

At the Quadrennial Convention in 1987 held in Boston, MA, the structural components were adopted for use on the general, district, and local levels of the Y.A.M.S., and subsequently ratified by the General Conference. Also, the title of “Coordinator” was given to the general, district, and local leaders of the Y.A.M.S. Prior to the 22nd Quadrennial Convention held in New Orleans, LA, the YAMS Anniversary Day was called “Willa Mae Rice Day”. It was during this convention that a resolution was adopted to change “Willa Mae Rice Day” to Founder’s Day to honor Dr. Rice as founder and Dr. Porter as the Organizing Coordinator.

In 1991 at the 22nd Quadrennial Convention, Mrs. JoAnn B. Holmes, became the first elected General Coordinator and was re-elected in 1995 at the 23rd Quadrennial Convention in Detroit, MI. During the 23rd quadrennial meeting, a resolution was adopted to change the ages of YAMS from 27-40 to 22-40. To chart the course of the Y.A.M.S. into the 21st century, Mrs. Sandra B. Crowder was elected General Coordinator at the 24th Quadrennial Convention in Dallas, TX.

Mrs. Dawn L. Walker
Mrs. Dawn L. Walker
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At the 26th Quadrennial Convention in Orlando, Florida, Mrs. Dawn L. Walker, became the 4th General Coordinator of the Young Adult Missionary Society.

Age Group: 22-40

Motto: “With hearts and hands: We reach up to God for strength and direction, We reach out to love and touch others, We reach down to lift fallen humanity."

Colors: Peach (loyalty, blood, charity) and Taupe (sorrow, joy, glory)

Theme Song: “Our Promise, Praise and Petition”


The purpose of this department is to:
  • Unite women, ages 22–40, of the A. M. E. Zion Church for mission service in the church and community. Among the prime objectives will be social concerns such as child abuse, teenage pregnancies, drug dependency, world hunger, etc.

  • Provide an opportunity for the personal and individual Christian growth of members.

  • Provide an opportunity for Christian witness through the use of their time, talent, and treasure to support the mission.

  • Provide experiences that will enable Young Adult Missionaries to perpetuate the existence and continued growth of the Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society, the A. M. E. Zion Church, and the kingdom of God.


  • April 3, 2018
    A.C.T. NOW
    Awaken Confront Transform!
    Then and Now: An Ecumenical Gathering to End Racism immediately following the Orthodox Christian Bridegroom Service of Holy Tuesday. Service begins at 6:00 pm, Program begins approximately 8:00 pm. All are welcome to both.

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