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Mid-Atlantic II Contact Information

Bishop Richard Keith Thompson
Mid-Atlantic II Episcopal District Office:

9500 Arena Drive, Suite 102
Largo, MD 20774

Phone: (301) 322-3866
Fax: (301) 322.3862

E-Mail Address:

About the Mid-Atlantic II Episcopal District

The Mid-Atlantic region of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is a significant part of the historical development of this country. Many of its congregations were born out of the revolutionary struggles of the United States and now provide for the general welfare of hundreds of individuals and families in need of practical and spiritual direction. In this mid-Atlantic district covering three (3) states, a portion of a fourth state there’s a powerhouse of effective programming that his lifted the AME Zion Church to levels growth not seen before.

The Mid-Atlantic II Episcopal District covers jurisdictions in the states of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and the Eastern portion of Tennessee. Additionally, this district includes overseas jurisdictions in England, India and South Africa. It is organized into 6 annual conferences – Philadelphia-Baltimore, Virginia, East Tennessee-Virginia, India, London-Birmingham, Angola and 17 presiding elder districts. Its more than 300 local congregations and have a membership (as of 2000) of more than 100,000 persons. The successful litigation in the Washington, DC district has added additional fiscal and qualitative value to the asset base of the Mid-Atlantic II Episcopal District.

Under the effective and powerful leadership of our presiding prelate, Bishop Warren M. Brown and Mrs. Aurelia S. Brown, this unit of the AME Zion Church has flourished. Want to be a part of a vibrant and Christ centered spiritual movement, then join in any of our local churches and get started with a wonderful change in your life.

Bishop Brown challenges us to hold fast to the founding principles of our mission. We are AMEZ! THE FREEDOM CHURCH! We are called to meet the needs of others and press forward to the high calling of Christ Jesus. This is not an option, it is who we are and what we do.

This is Mid-Atlantic II, it is our heritage, it is our destiny!