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Eastern West Africa Episcopal District Concludes 5th Regional Youth Camp and Ministers’ Institute

The youth and ministers of the Eastern West Africa Episcopal District (Nigeria) converged at Holy Trinity A.M.E. Zion Church, Ndon Ebom, Nigeria for the 5th Youth Camp and Ministers’ Institute on August 31 – September 3, 2011. Summarily, it was one event that brought great revival and blessings upon the souls of the participants, as they explored the theme “21st Century Christian: Living a Purpose-Driven Life”.

The program began on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at 4:00pm with the opening service of communion, presided over by the Presiding Prelate, Bishop S. Chuka Ekemam, Sr. The vibrant service came to the climax with the message brought by Rev. Dr. Donald J. Ekpo, President of Hood-Speaks Theological Seminary, Ndon Ebom, Nigeria. The message was titled “The making of champions for the 21st century”, taking his text from Joshua 1:1-9. The eloquent preacher charges the youth to look into the future with hope and faith in God. He declared that it is not ‘where we are presently that matters, but where we should (or could) be tomorrow’. The participants responded with prayers and supplications unto the Lord.

The Presiding Prelate celebrated the Holy Communion, assisted by other Elders. A total of 180 ministers and 550 youths were served. The opening day’s activities came to a close with youth talent show in music and drama presentations, directed by the Camp Coordinator, Rev. Dr. U. U. Effiong, the Episcopal Director of Christian Education.

The 2nd day, Thursday, September 1, 2011 commenced with morning devotion at 5:00am, followed by Bible Study I on “Growing the Church: seven things to consider”, (Rom.12:1-21), led by Rev. Bassey E. Ewa. Many were blessed by the teachings. This was followed by clean up and breakfast. These formed the routine activities for each morning in the camp.

Other activities of the 2nd day included (i) the exciting Bible quiz competition which featured competitors from all the conferences. Questions were drawn from the Book of Genesis and the Book of Revelation. Central Nigeria Conference emerged winner. Mainland Nigeria and Lagos-West Nigeria were 1st and 2nd runners up respectively. (ii) Neighborhood Evangelism 1 during which period the youths, in groups of five and each group led by minister, went out to witness Christ around the community. The testimonies that accompanied the outing were very encouraging as many souls were won for the Lord, and some deciding to join the church.

The 2nd day’s activities came to a climax in the evening with the revival service. The Rev. Samuel O. Ibemere brought an inspiring message on the theme “Taking charge of your future”, drawing his text from Genesis 39. He elaborated on the story of Joseph who was conscious of God’s calling upon his life and guarded same with strong passion. He charged the youth to work hard and fulfill their dreams so that they can be celebrated in due season. Many youths surrendered their lives to Christ Jesus following the call to discipleship and were prayed for.

The 3rd day, September 2, 2011 was marked by routine activities – morning devotion, Bible Study II on “Purpose-Driven Life: The Pattern of Elisha” (2 Kings 2:1-15), and clean up. The fasting service was soul warming. The message was delivered by the Rev. Umor Olu, on the theme “Breaking the shackles of failure”, choosing his text from Genesis 27:39,40. The preacher informed the participants that because spiritual things dominate or control the physical, they must not relent in spiritual warfare where victory is assured by Christ Jesus. The Presiding Prelate offered prayers to those who responded to the pleas of the messenger of God. The atmosphere was awesome and spiritually uplifting! Then came a thrilling moment when the Missionary Supervisor, Mrs. Stella Adannaya Ekemam was presented to the youths by the Presiding Prelate. The youthful and beautiful Supervisor made a few remarks of appreciation and encouragement to the youth, being her first time in the Youth Camp.

The evening of the 3rd day featured Neighborhood Evangelism II and seminars. Again the youths returned with testimonies, as did the disciples of Christ Jesus (Luke 10:1,17). By this we were further reminded that acting on Romans 10:13-17 is fundamental to church growth. The first seminar on “Job interview skills” was presented by Rev. Dr. T.E.J. Caiafas, the Hon. Commissioner for Finance, Cross River State, Nigeria. It was an excellent presentation. The second seminar on “Sex in Relation to Purpose-Driven Christian Life” was presented by the Missionary Supervisor, Mrs. Stella Adannaya Ekemam. The presentation was motherly and instructive. The two presentations elicited many questions which were adequately fielded by the erudite presenters.

The 3rd days activities came to a close with the song competition and traditional praise night. This was night of praising God in “spirit and in truth” in truly colorful African style. It was a glorious moment to behold the attires and the wonderful renditions in African languages.

The 4th and final day, September 3, 2011 commenced on exciting note with the routine morning activities during which Bible Study III “Building the ruined walls: Nehemiah in perspective”, (Neh.2:1-20; 4:1-23) was taken. The youth were charged to go with the resolve to build their churches.

Then came the colorful victory parade, which was preceded by the ceremonial inspection of parade by the Presiding Bishop and Missionary Supervisor, Bishop & Mrs. S. Chuka Ekemam. Thereafter, the youths filed out, conference by conference, in diverse colors, and thrilled the community before returning to the sanctuary for the Victory Service.

The Victory Service was lively and spirit-filled. The Presiding Prelate, Bishop S. Chuka Ekemam, Sr., brought the closing message on the theme “How do you win the war against the Amalekites?, choosing his text from Exodus 17:8-16. The preacher declared that God Himself had declared war against our “Amalekites” and we must remain “more that conquerors” through living God’s purpose-driven lives. Goodwill remarks and offerings were taken and prizes awarded to winners of various competitions.

The Presiding Prelate, Bishop S. Chuka Ekemam, Sr., praised God for the wonderful Youth Camp and Ministers’ Institute and admonished all participants (180 ministers and about 800 youths) to go forth and do exploits for the Lord. He pronounced the benediction at about 1:00pm to close the 5th Regional Youth Camp and Ministers’ Institute. To God be the glory.

Respectfully submitted by, Rev. Dr. U. U. Effiong, Episcopal Director of Christian Education.