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Eastern West Africa Contact Information

Bishop Michael A. Frencher, Sr.

1919 Carlton Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27406

Phone: 336-312-8245

Our Episcopal Prelate

The Annual Conference is composed of a Bishop, all traveling ministers, preachers in full connection, lay delegates duly elected from the various churches within its bounds, the missionary and education officers. The Bishop is the presiding officer and if there is no Bishop present, a president shall be elected from the Elders.

The Annual Conference has power to make laws for its operation as long as those laws are not in conflict with the laws of the Connection. It can make other annual conferences with limitations, examine the domestic affairs of its missions, hear complaints against any of its members and dispose of them according to law.

Support for the general church commitments comes from the Annual Conference. It is divided into a convenient number of Presiding Elder Districts. It hears reports from Presiding Elders, pastors, delegates, district officers of Missionary and Christian Education Departments, committee on audit and treasures. It receives the prorata for General Claims and the attendant levies.

The annual Conference admits ministers and assigns them, according to law, to their respective churches. It drops them and elects representatives to the General Conference.

Listed below are the Annual Conference of the Eastern West Africa Episcopal District:
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  • Nigeria

  • Central Nigeria

  • Rivers Nigeria

  • Lagos-West Nigeria

  • Mainland Nigeria

  • Northern Nigeria

  • Cross River Nigeria

  • South-Eastern Nigeria

  • Southern Nigeria

  • Akwa Nigeria

  • Port Harcourt Nigeria